Job Search in the South aka This Madonna will Travel

While applying for jobs in RI, I was lured South by family and friends that I’d not seen recently, as well as the knowledge that RI’s so-called economic recovery was false at best. With small companies still holding on by their fingernails to survive and the realization that business owners who had closed businesses hadn’t even been figured into the unemployment equation, I knew I had to do something drastic to land a job that I actually want.

I’d lived in Chapel Hill for close to a decade eight years ago and know that the economy in NC is always better than RI’s; so, with lots of prayer and an offer to stay with friends in Pittsboro temporarily while I hunted for a new job, I set off in the car with my computer, enough clothing to get by and my dog. It may seem extreme but I have a granddaughter here, as well as my two grown children; and, I also thought I’d have a better chance of actually being called for interviews, if I were physically here already.

I’ve interviewed twice for a Sales and Marketing Director in Pittsboro, an exciting prospect in that I’d have the opportunity to work with Seniors, I am hopeful that my dream may come true — to work again, feel appreciated for who I am in the workplace — energetic, dedicated, driven, a great communicator and negotiator, and goal oriented. I reach my goals if I believe in them — and surpass them, more often than not.

I created this website months ago, to augment the PDF format of my resume. Creating the website and PowerPoint resume is my way of showing that I use marketing software products well, and hopefully impress a future employer.

Fields that I have already loved working in are Property Management (Apartment Management would be ideal), Real Estate (I was a great Listing Agent), the Arts, Inside or Outside Sales, and Management (would love to manage a team in any of these fields or a new one). I really would love to help train Salespeople at some point and would love (beyond love) working with the Senior population.

I am not set on staying in this part of NC and would even work in the Northeast or Central Atlantic states as well, for the right job. If you happen to think of a great job for me, please fill out the contact form or write to me at

“Always Extraordinary” is my motto for life and work and I can honestly say that so far it has been just that. We’ll see if it works, as I search for a new job.

Jane Dever holding "Light of Mine"
Jane Dever holding “Light of Mine”












Jane Ann Dever



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Jane Dever, holding "Light of Mine" at her art studio

Jane Dever at Alta Luna Studio

My name is Jane Dever and I am in search of a job in the Chapel Hill area of North Carolina where my two children and granddaughter live. Most recently, I owned ALTA LUNA GALLERY/STUDIO but have done Sales in many fields, specializing in Multimedia Advertising, Marketing, Real Estate and Customer Service. I am open to other fields though, so feel free to give me suggestions.

Please share this link with your friends and employers — and thank you in advance for your help!

A PDF version of my resume, go to the next page or check out and share my Powerpoint Resume: Meet Jane Dever_2014


Jane Ann Dever